Boy Scout Troop 458

St. Philip Episcopal Church, Memphis (Lakeland area)

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Court of Honor September 4

Just a note to remind everyone that this Tuesday we will have a Court of Honor. It has been a while, so we are planning a bit of a party. There will be a cake and some drinks, but if you would like to bring something, please do.
September is a crazy month with everything starting back up, but please try to make it. Family and friends are definitely invited. The boys have worked hard for these awards and rank advancements, so lets let them show off.
Visitors are welcome, too!

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Next Court of Honor – September 4

The date for the September Court of Honor needs to change due to some conflicts with Church activities. We will still meet that night, but it will be in the youth room at the end of the hall. Jonathon Cannon will be starting Physical Fitness merit badge with the boys.
The Court of Honor will be the 4th, the first Tuesday in September.
It would be nice if families joined us and we had some goodies for everyone to munch on. The guys sheet cakes from Sam’s and we may do a pot of “bug juice.” If anyone would like to bring something, please do.
We have not had a Court of Honor is a while, so let’s do it right. The boys have worked hard and earned some great awards.

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Troop 458 News

Troop 458 is back from the summer. We never officially took a break, but since returning from Kia Kima, we have been low key.  Now it’s back to 7:00 starts and Class A uniforms.

Most of you know already, but I have taken over as Scout Master and Mr. Anderson will continue helping Troop 458 as an Assistant. Glenn will be in charge of advancement and advancement tracking.  A role I am very grateful he has taken on. George Harvell will use his many years of experience to continue teaching Scouting skills.  Jonathon Cannon will help with the development of leadership skills while ensuring we have fun.

The adult leaders are now:

Scout Master-James Pitcock (901) 848-3574

Assistant-Glenn Anderson (901) 634-4584

Assistant-George Harvell (901) 674-7007

Assistant-Jonathon Cannon (901) 517-5284

Last Tuesday, the Scouts spent the entire meeting planning our next six months worth of meetings and a full year of outings. I felt you all would like to know our future plans.


  • August-complete unfinished rank requirements and merit badges for a Sept 4th Court Of Honor
  • September-Begin Physical Fitness merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: fishing-location to be determined

  • October-Complete Citizen in the Community merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: Scout Base sponsored by Chickasaw Council

  • November-Environmental Science Merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: Wolf River canoe trip

  • December-Finish Physical Fitness and Christmas Party

Outing: Winter camp at Kia Kima

  • January-Communications merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: Lock-in or return to the USS Alabama

  • February-Music merit badge (just for fun)

Outing: Chickasaw State Park

  • March-TBA

Outing: Camporee or Tishomingo

  • April-TBA

Outing: Camporee or Tishomingo

  • May-TBA

Outing: Buffalo River National Park float trip

  • June-TBA

Outing: Kia Kima Scout Camp

  • July-TBA

Outing: Lock-in or Little Red River

The Scouts decided to keep the meeting format the same. The meetings will be run by the Senior Patrol Leader and the Merit Badge Instructor.

The Troop Adult Committee met last week and are anxious to help in anyway needed. They have been invited to the Court of Honor and I hope they will attend.

The Court of Honor is scheduled for Tuesday September 11th at 7:00. It would be fun if people brought some dishes for a pot luck dessert party. (Details to follow)

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to call me or come to a meeting and talk. The goal is for the Scouts to learn leadership and scouting skills while having fun.

Thank you,

James Pitcock