Boy Scout Troop 458

St. Philip Episcopal Church, Memphis (Lakeland area)

Upcoming Events

Court of Honor – September 4

Here is the tentative 2012-2013 annual program schedule as developed by the Scouts of Troop 458:

·         August-complete unfinished rank requirements and merit badges for a Sept 4th Court Of Honor

·         September-Begin Physical Fitness merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: fishing-location to be determined

·         October-Complete Citizen in the Community merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: Scout Base sponsored by Chickasaw Council

·         November-Environmental Science Merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: Wolf River canoe trip

·         December-Finish Physical Fitness and Christmas Party

Outing: Winter camp at Kia Kima

·         January-Communications merit badge (Eagle required)

Outing: Lock-in or return to the USS Alabama

·         February-Music merit badge (just for fun)

Outing: Chickasaw State Park

·         March-TBA

Outing: Camporee or Tishomingo

·         April-TBA

Outing: Camporee or Tishomingo

·         May-TBA

Outing: Buffalo River National Park float trip

·         June-TBA

Outing: Kia Kima Scout Camp

·         July-TBA

Outing: Lock-in or Little Red River


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